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About Avana

The word “Avana” is derived from one of the world's most ancient languages, Sanskrit.  It means preserving and protecting.  We love that this name embraces our philosophy and what we are passionate about.

Avana is proudly an Australian small family owned business, offering comprehensive selection of natural, toxic-free, eco-friendly, organic and fair trade skincare, cosmetics, personal care, superfoods and healthy living products which nurtures your whole family.  


My Journey

I was first introduced to more natural and organic skin care products several years ago after suffering from skin irritations and allergies for most of my teenage and early adult years. During this time my search for the cause of these skin irritations and allergies led me to become aware that our bodies absorb over 60% of what we put on our skin, and more importantly that the skin care products that are generally sold in the mainstream retail stores use petrochemicals, colours, preservatives and synthetics that are doing us harm when we use them over prolonged periods of time. Making the change to more natural and safer options, the first thing I discovered was not to believe all the claims of products being marketed as being “Natural” or “Organic”. While the fad of natural and organic products is definitely in, a lot of what is being passed as natural/organic is only partly so.  Avana Australia was born to share my new found love for these beautiful safe products and to guide people who do not have the time or the knowledge to understand what they are putting on their skin.


Our mission

My mission is to share my passion for living a happier life while using safe, healthy and organic products on our skins, in our homes, in our business, and in what we consume, with as many people as possible. It is to provide you all with an enjoyable shopping experience while you make the healthier choices for yourself and your loved ones, and to continually provide the products that you will come to enjoy using.

To this end we have set high expectations to provide great customer service experience, making as much information available on each product as possible to provide you, our wonderful customers, the tools to make the best choice for you and your loved ones.


Product selection criteria

We select the products based on the following criteria:

  • the products must be of natural origin, toxic free and are certified organic or contain organic ingredients
  • the products must not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, sulphates, formaldehyde, mineral oils, petroleum, synthetic fragrances and colours, propylene glycol and other harmful nasties.
  • the products must be free from animal testing
  • the manufacturing and packaging process must be environmentally conscious 
  • if any products contain palm oil then it must be certificed sustainable palm oil and fully traceable
  • And most importantly we will not compromise on quality therefore the products must actually work


Where possible we support Australian products and brands however our first priority is to provide the best and safest products on the market. We endeavour to sell only highest quality of products which are mostly tried and tested on ourselves and around our home to ensure it meets our customers’ expectations. Of course we understand everyone is different and so we would love to get your feedback, from all the positive experiences using these products and also the negative ones, as this will assist us in deciding which brands and products to support and which to let go. We also encourage feedback on our service and how we can improve it so that you have a great consumer experience.

Please note: We may be unable to stock specific brands or products as they are either restricted for sale in only traditional stores or the products do not meet the standards that Avana Australia values.

Thank you for visiting us online and supporting a business dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment for future generations whilst nourishing our lives with luxurious and safe products.


With Love & Peace,

NS x


“Be the change you want to see in the world……” (Mahatma Ghandi)