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One jar with so many uses! Love this coconut oil from Loving Earth. Made from fair trade coconuts, cold pressed to give a rich tropical flavour with a sweet coconutty aroma!! With the added bonus of an amber jar that can be used for multiple other things like preserves and pickles. 

Weleda teething powder is a life saver for many parents. It can be gently rubbed onto baby's gums using a clean finger or mixed with water and spoon fed or cup fed. Upto 6 times a day. It is highly effective and provides relief for teething babies. Handy to have around for those stressful teething days. 

Lighting up the room with Monarch by Kesterblack. 

My Magic Mug Toothpaste has made the Oscars swag bag this year. Want to get your hands on one of these and show off your pearly white teeth like the Oscars celebrities?

Stainless steel straw and green smoothie.....a perfect match. Ditch the plastic straws and opt for one of these forever straws.

Because some days are stressful does not mean the nights have to be. This natural sleep balm is the relaxing aromatheraphy you may need to assist in a good nights sleep. Also available for babies 6 months and older in Badger Night Night Balm. 

Gorgeous range of natural body washes from Weleda. Natural and plant based to gently cleanse the skin. Weleda - created in harmony with nature and human being.

And we finally have the Sprout Pencils back in stock! Thanks to those who have been patiently waiting to order. 

Keep your food fresher for longer in your #stasherbag by removing the air. Here’s how to get that airtight seal. Stasherbags are plastic free alternatives to ziplock bags. . Shop for stasherbags at: https://goo.gl/G3KLDB • •

Tired and lacking in energy? Try Love Your Gut Powder. It is great for so many reasons. Gently sweeps clean the digestive system and increases nutrient absorption. 

SPROUT PENCILS are great presents for someone who has everything!! 

The countdown to Christmas is on and we have a few of these very special Christmas edition natural crayons available in stock....