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Sprout Pencils - Trio Packs

Choose from:  Herb trio, flower trio or mix trio pack.  Seed varieties may vary between packs.

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Product Description


The Sprout pencil is the first sustainable pencil in the world that can be planted after use. The Sprout Pencil has been given this dual function by replacing the eraser, which usually sits on top of the pencil, with a special seed capsule. 

The Plantable Pencil

The seed capsule, which contains high quality, untreated seeds, is water soluble, making the pencil easy to plant after use. Out of the pencil grow delicious fresh herbs, crispy vegetables or edible flowers.

The Sprout Pencil is made of natural materials: the body is made from sustainably harvested wood which is FSC/PEFC certified so when one tree is used another is planted. The writing material is made from graphite and clay.

Who can use the Sprout Pencil?

People of any age can plant the Sprout Pencil and experience the joy of seeing it germinate. The home-grown herbs, vegetables or flowers can be used in cooking to give a dish the perfect taste.

Sprout Pencils can be used in the context of a special event or the launch of a new product.

What to do

When the Sprout Pencil has become too short to write with, it is ready to be planted. Follow the simple instructions below and see your Sprout pencil sprout.

The seeds of these pencils germinate quickly: i.e. within 1-3 weeks, depending on the seed variety. Most plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

In countries with temperate climates, it is best to plant in summer, because the plant needs a lot of sunlight every day in order to grow.

How to Get your Sprout Pencil to Grow 
  • Plant your Sprout pencils at a slight angle, so the capsule is just barely covered by a thin layer of soil. Most of the seeds are quite little, so if you plant them too deeply, there is a chance that they will not sprout.
  • Water regularly, so the soil is always slightly damp. If you water in a saucer, you can pour off the excess water after 10-15 minutes, so you do not drown the plants. If the weather is very warm, it is best to water in the morning or evening. Remember to give your plants fertiliser. Plants also need feeding if they are to grow big and healthy.
  • If you grow the plants in pots, remember to re-pot the plants, as they get bigger.
  • You can also collect seeds from your plants to give you even more plants next year.



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